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Below are some of the ways PSAS makes a difference to Wellesley Public Schools art students. To continue and build on these efforts, WPSAS needs YOU! Send your contact information to

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Emerging Artist Awards

PSAS makes it possible for art students to receive recognition and scholarships. Click here to learn more

Art Tours and Events

We've collaborated with Wellesley Women Artisans (WWA) on events in our community.  These include promoting art work of students in Wellesley High School art intensive classes.  As part of past year's December Art Walks, students were thrilled to see their work exhibited in storefront windows and inside stores in the Central Square neighborhood.  

Open Meetings

Open meetings are held in the WHS Art Room on the 3rd Floor, where we learn and plan ways to support our WPS Visual Arts students and faculty. Your K-12 Wellesley Arts Department needs you! 

Empty Bowls Fundraiser

We have supported the High School Ceramics Intensive Students in their hunger awareness fundraiser, usually held the week before Thanksgiving.  Each student creates at least two ceramic bowls to be purchased as part of a soup buffet dinner, held at Wellesley High School.

Help Teachers Organize and Publicize Annual Spring Art Show

Every year, the WPS Art Department showcases art from Wellesley students of every age and experience-level. Needless to say, it's a lot of work for teachers to juggle while teaching their classes. That's why Wellesley PSAS helps teachers set up and publicize their student work.

Winter Arts Dinner


We've fostered our Wellesley arts community with an annual Winter Arts potluck dinner. Parents, teachers, students and patrons gather and listen to an invited speaker from the arts world. Past speakers have included college professors, artists, curators, and architects, to name a few!

Help Art Teachers with End-of-Year Cleanup​

Art teachers  do a lot for our kids! And we want to make it a bit easier for them to do that. We organize parents and community members to help teachers clean up their rooms at the end of the year. One less day cleaning means one more day teaching!



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