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We want every student in Wellesley Public Schools to be able to enjoy the creative benefits of the Visual Arts. 


We support WPS students and faculty to foster a vibrant arts experience.

Learn more why Art education helps your student:



PSAS is calling for leaders and members for the 2022-23 school year!

PSAS Needs Your Support! Send your contact information to:


Membership is open to all parents and/or guardians of children who are enrolled in the Wellesley Public Schools, as well as residents of the Town of Wellesley who wish to support Wellesley Public Schools’ Visual Arts programs.


2021-2022 Executive Board

Co-Presidents  open 

Secretary  open

Treasurer  open (Myra Tucker, interim)

Publicity Coordinator  Nancy Dobos 

High School Representative  open

Middle School Representative  Annie Newman

Elementary School Representative  open

Advisory Board Representative  Thom Carter, WPS Director of Art


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